The 4 Signs that Show a Man He Is Losing Testosterone

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If you are a man and watch any kind of television these days, it is quite probable you have seen at least one ad that is targeted at you and your inevitable testosterone loss. While it is an issue that should be taken very seriously, it might not end up being the world-ending phenomenon those commercials are leading you to believe it is.

You might want to find a family doctor that can help you negotiate all of the information you are being bombarded with, but there are plenty of options for helping you keep a healthy level of testosterone. Anywhere between 300 to 1,000 ng/dl is a normal testosterone level for most men, but what is important to keep in mind is the fact that the “right” level might differ from person to person and from lab to lab.

If you do have a low testosterone level, most of the time they can be boosted with TRT. The use of TRT can help bring your energy levels back to normal. We know that 13 million men in the United States may have low testosterone but 90% of those men with low testosterone never receive treatment. Perhaps they are reluctant to find a family doctor to talk with about it because they do not want to admit to losing what they think it is that makes them a man.

Whatever the case might be, there is help out there for men who need their testosterone levels adjusted and maintained. The first place to start when it comes to treating testosterone loss is being able to see the many signs that something might be wrong. There are many different signs to look for, but if you spot one of these 4 simple irregularities, you would be wise to find a family doctor and have things looked at.

1.) Low Sex Drive

One of the problems inherent in dealing with testosterone loss is admitting that something might be wrong. Something like a decrease in the libido might make a man feel less than. That is entirely understandable. But, if you feel like you should be wanting sex but just aren’t getting there like you used to, take a look into why this might be a testosterone problem. Low testosterone treatment just might turn things around for you.

2.) Fatigue

Feeling tired is something that comes with a hard day’s work. That’s the good kind of tired we all want. Fatigue, however, is a different story altogether. If your happy tired has turned to lethargy, finding a family doctor to get checked out will make you feel a whole lot better.

3.) Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that men have been dealing with for centuries. There is no getting around it. Testosterone plays a large role in hair production and men with low testosterone can lose not only the hair on their heads but on their faces and other body parts as well. Male hormone treatments might be considered if the levels are low enough.

4.) Increased Body Fat

Men with low testosterone might also experience an increase in body fat. In particular, they sometimes develop gynecomastia. This is where men develop enlarged breast tissue. Because of an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen in men, these types of issues might occur. Of course, every man will react differently, though these are the general things that occur when the imbalance is high.

Dealing with testosterone loss is something that is very difficult for many men to do. Many of the symptoms of testosterone loss might be seen as simply the result of aging. Men take testosterone loss as a regular part of life and never seek the treatment they need. This is especially disconcerting when you realize the treatment protocols are not that difficult. If you have testosterone loss, you could be well on your way to recovery in no time.

Doctors are learning more about testosterone issues in men. These are issues that affect more men than you might think. There is no need to suffer from the results of this kind of hormone loss. If you are experiencing the four symptoms described above, find a family doctor and have your testosterone levels checked today.

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