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Do You Struggle to Walk to the Mailbox?

UPDATED 2/13/21

There was a time when you did not think twice about walking to the mailbox, going to the park with your children, and even joining your neighbor friends in a walk around the lake a mile from your home. Today, however, every step is measures and you find yourself consolidating the simplest of tasks with your short, but painful, walk to and from the bathroom. You know that you need to be more active, but the foot pain that you are experiencing is often more than you can handle. Fortunately, your doctor has recommended a diabetic foot care specialist, and you are hopeful that you will get some relief. You have thought about visiting one of the podiatry specialists in the past, but you admit now that vanity kept you from doing so. You feel too young to be experiencing such problems, but you now know that you simply need to use any of the reousrces that you can find to get back to leading a more normal life.

Diabetic Foot Care Specialists Offer a Number of Valuable Services to Their Clients

If you are someone who can no longer take walking to the mailbox for granted, then it is likely that you could benefit from the help that foot and ankle specialists offer. Whether you are dealing with diabetic foot pain or another condition, there are many limitations you experience when you cannot walk the way that you would like. And while diabetic foot care specialists treat specific kinds of problems, they often have solutions that can help others as well. Foot health is important if you want to make sure that you are able to GET ON YOUR FEET and live a normal, healthy life:

  • Going to the park with friends, children, or grandchildren is a luxury that many of us might take for granted. By working with a foot doctor, however, you may find a way to get back to the activities that you have loved in the past.
  • Every day that you are unable to walk because of foot pain puts your future mobility at risk.
  • There was a reported 30.3 million people living with diabetes at the end of 2017, according to the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Many of these diabetics can suffer from excruciating foot pain that can limit their mobility if they do not receive the treatment that they need.
  • One of the greatest pleasures in life is to be mobile, but if you are not getting the diabetic foot care that you need you are jeopardizing this important freedom.
  • Nearly three of every four Americans will experience foot health problems of varying degrees of severity at one time or another in their lives.
  • You cannot live the life that you want if foot pain is leaving you immobile.
  • One of the most alarming statistics today is that the American Association of Diabetes Educators report that 4.1 million adults, which is 33.9% of the adult U.S population, have prediabetes, a condition that if it progresses can lead to significant amounts of foot pain.
  • Unless you see a doctor who specializes foot pain or diabetic conditions, you may not get the care that you need to get back to a normal life.
  • Research continues to show that bing active physically leads to a more content mental condition. If you are not able to walk as you would like important to visit a doctor to see if their are any treatments that can help you find relief.
  • Foot pain can even keep sufferers from getting the sleep that they need.
  • Estimates indicate that 10% of the population is affected by plantar fasciitis.
  • Enjoying your days is easier if you are walking pain free.
  • The Mayo Clinic reports indicate that there are 200,000 cases of hammer toes reported a year. This is a condition that, if not treated, can limit mobility.

Diabetic foot care specialists and other health care professionals are frequently able to prescribe treatments and medical accessories that can help their patients live a fuller, more healthy life. If you suffer from foot pain, it might be time to see if you can get an appointment scheduled and get back on your feet doing the things you love the most.

Foot and ankle injury can have a major impact on your quality of life. If you are in pain every time you walk or run, you’re going to be stuck sitting or lying down the majority of the time. This can impact everything from your work to your health to your satisfaction with life. If you have ankle pain after injury and it doesn’t seem to be going away, you might need to look into ankle pain and swelling treatment. Many times an injury that seems minor can actually be more severe. These will require medical intervention if they are going to heal. Foot injury treatment can consist of a wide range of things, including medication, physical therapy, and more. The doctors can look at the ankle joint pain causes and identify what is wrong, even if it isn’t obvious to you when you arrive. So while going to a specialist might seem unnecessary, it can competely change your life for the better. So consider getting foot injury treatment so that you can get ankle injury healing and move on with your life.

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