Does Acupuncture Work?

One of the most common fears alongside doctors is needles. It’s rare that you find someone who doesn’t get a little queasy at the thought of something under their skin, so many people cringe when they hear about acupuncture. After all, you are willingly getting pricked by up to hundreds of needles, by your own choice! Even though acupuncture is an ancient art that dates back hundreds of years, people are still very skeptical when it comes to taking a visit to the acupuncturist. To determine whether acupuncture care really works, you need to consult the facts and statistics associated with the profession.

Video Source

In this video, we will take a deep look at acupuncture and it’s effectiveness.

Clearly, the list of things that acupuncture is known to help with is lengthy to say the least. This practice, depending on where it is used, is known to help with epilepsy, insomnia, morning sickness, glaucoma, and even stroke rehabilitation. While studies are generally mixed on whether acupuncture actually has an effect on ailments, it is helpful at best and harmless at worst. While there are few 100% proven cases of acupuncture helping in a medical sense, there are thousand of happy clients that speak otherwise.


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