The Best Telemedicine Platforms

Telemedicine platforms allow doctors to interact with patients via online video, which has been traditionally useful for practices with dispersed rural populations, including gaining access to specialists beyond what is locally available. In such situations, traveling to the practice can be difficult and even dangerous for patients with preexisting health conditions.

Sometimes telemedicine software is offered as a standalone platform, but these days it’s not unusual to find it also provided within existing medical practice management (PM) software. Mend is a full-featured telemedicine suite that specifically aims to increase efficiency and profitability by reducing the volume of missed appointments.

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It does this by adding SMS appointment reminders, online forms, and patient self-scheduling, all of which combined reduce no-shows to single percentiles.

It also offers voice and video calling, of course, but it also includes a number of automated processes to help increase workflows and productivity, not least by reducing the number of tools and screens that are required for use. Mend aims to reduce the number of tools and screens required, can integrate with most EHR and PM software platforms.

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