East Meets Western Medicine How Naturopathic Remedies Can Support Traditional Breast Cancer Treatments

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Although more commonly associated with female health, breast cancer can be an aggressive form of cancer that effects both men and women alike. While there are a number of known environmental and genetic factors that can increase a person’s likelihood of developing breast cancer, the precise causes of breast cancer remain unclear and can vary from person to person. Often times, the onset or diagnosis of breast cancer comes as a surprise, especially in active or otherwise health adults.

Fortunately however, advances in cancer research and medical technology have made it possible to detect the presence of breast cancer earlier than ever before. In many cases, preventative genetic testing can reveal the exact odds of breast cancer development in patients with a family or genetic history of cancer. From there, additional preventative measures may taken.

In addition to medical scans and MRI imaging that can detect the presence of breast cancer, cancer care has also improved by leaps and bounds. Today’s modern breast cancer treatments are far less invasive and have a higher rate of success compared to those decades ago. Furthermore, Eastern medicinal and naturopathic remedies, such as Chinese acupuncture, are often used to support traditional breast cancer treatments such as cancer radiation therapy.

Naturopathy utilizes a combination of “natural” remedies such as massage, herbs, essential oils, nutrition, and emotional and mental wellness in order to create an environment that’s conducive to healing. Naturopathic remedies should not be used in place of traditional cancer treatments, but are best used in support of radiation treatment and other traditional forms of established cancer treatments.

Naturopathic remedies seek to bolster the body’s own ability to heal itself, a concept which is also supported in traditional medicine. Although traditional forms of breast cancer treatment are highly effective, aggressive treatments can wreak havoc on the body’s healthy tissue and overall level of immunity. As a result, the patient is often left feeling nauseas, lethargic, and weak. A lower level of immunity also puts patient at risk of developing potentially dangerous illnesses such as the flu, which can be deadly during cancer treatment.

The use of naturopathic remedies, such as medical marijuana, can strengthen both the mind and body and help patients withstand the severe side effects of taxing breast cancer treatments. For example, nutritional support can provide breast cancer patients with much needed essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, etc. that are often depleted from lack of eating or vomiting. Proper nutrition, in addition to acupuncture or massage therapy, can also reduce inflammation within the body caused by breast cancer treatment.

Before starting any kind of naturopathic treatment, breast cancer patients are encouraged to speak with their medical team in order to discuss any possible conflicts or risks. Many oncologist now recommend naturopathic treatments in addition to traditional breast cancer treatments, however it’s important to keep in mind that each patient may respond differently. Trying a variety of treatments under the guidance of an oncologist or medical team is highly suggested.

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