EMF Protection for Children from Pregnancy to Teens

Emf protection jewelry

With the incredible development of wireless communications in the 21st century, it’s safe to say everyone is continuously exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). In 2007, it was determined that public safety EMF limits were inadequate and new limits were needed to protect public health. At the time of this decision, the cause of EMF exposure was attributed to the placement of cell phones near our heads. Today, those cell phones are smart phones, which are essentially mobile computers that are continuously receiving data and other wireless signals. The group of the population most at risk from these increased exposures: Our children.

Due to children’s still-developing nervous system, exposure to EMF poses a greater threat to their health than to that of adults. A study of children and adolescents between eight and 17 years of age found even short-term exposure to EMF would cause adverse symptoms such as headache, irritation, and concentration difficulties. Due to the spread of cell phone towers near day care and school campuses, children today have 1,000 times higher exposure to radiofrequency (RF) signals than they did 20 to 25 years ago.

EMF exposure has been linked to an increased rate of ADHD/ADD, Asthma, and even Autism in children. While there are many factors that contribute to the development of these disorders, EMF exposure is one that can be easily addressed. Through EMF shielding and targeted protection from EMF exposure, parents can greatly reduce EMF’s affects on their children.

How to Shield Children from EMF from Pregnancy to their Teens:

  • During pregnancy

    EMF exposure begins even before children are born. It’s been shown cell phone use during pregnancy caused 25% more emotional problems, 34% more peer problems, 49% more conduct problems, and 35% more hyperactivity in children.

    Pregnant women should take extra care to shield themselves from EMF exposure, either with targeted protection such as EMF protection jewelry which can be worn on the person and paired with an EMF shield, or through larger room or home shields. Keeping your cell phone at least one inch away from your face can also help limit radiation exposure, but many scientists believe this isn’t enough. For greater protection, usea cell phone radiation blocker.
  • Newborns to toddlers

    Tablets and smart phones have become the new play things of children as young as two years of age. Instead of distracting our babies with educational plastic toys or board games, we set them up with Mommy or Daddy’s tablet and a fun farm animal game to learn the sounds cows make. Tablets are wonderful for their endless variety of games and storybooks, not to mention they’re the ultimate mess-free drawing board. What they are not, however, is a healthy play thing for children in their earliest development years.

    Surround your toddler with toys that don’t transmit data. Whenever possible, avoid electronics entirely. At the very least, use toys that run on batteries and require little power. Since toddlers are hard enough to dress, targeted protection may not be an easy solution. Instead, consider investing in a room shield for your baby’s nursery.
  • Childhood to pre-teens

    As your child grows, your EMF protection options increase. Now that she’s older, you may be able to tempt her to wear an EMF protection necklace. At the very least, ensure any electronics she uses have targeted protection on them. You can also install protection around your house to keep her safe from EMF produced by large appliances.

    If you’re concerned that your child may be struggling with ADHD/ADD or other focusing problems, you have an alternative to medication with an EMF ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield. Similar shields exist for Autism and Asperger’s. Targeted protection shields can be customized to an individual’s medical needs.
  • The teens

    Chances are you couldn’t separate your teen from his cell phone or lap top no matter how persuasive you were. At this age, cooperation is limited to none. That doesn’t mean you can’t protect him at all. Invest in cell phone radiation protection for his smart phone and add a laptop radiation shield to his laptop or tablet.

As every parent knows, protecting our children is our greatest responsibility and challenge. When it comes to EMF exposure, we can’t prevent it entirely, but we can reduce their harm through EMF shielding at every stage of life.

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