Essential Facts on Urgent Care Clinics

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According to a recent study, the total medical costs for a patient with serious lower back pain equates to about $2,500 for patients that receive early physical therapy. The medical industry is incredibly important to the everyday lives of the citizens of the United Staes, but it is also very expensive. Allow the medical industry to help you make your life easier on a day to day basis.

Visiting an urgent medical clinic can benefit you greatly. Understand that as you grow older you are much more likely to seek out medical help. By the year of 2030, 6 out of 10 Baby Boomers reported that their physical activity has to be limited to a few days a month. Here are all the facts you need to know about emergency care, clinic care, and urgent care clinics.

Nearly 70% of all Americans believe that they have lower back pain that hurts their day-to-day lives. This lower back pain limits their physical activity to the point where they cannot enjoy the older activities that they can enjoy. There is no question you should look at your physical therapy options and you should compare them to the help you get from urgent care clinics.

40% of all people with lower back pain try to exercise in order to alleviate the pain. Understand as well that just about 40% of all people with serious lower back pain do not see a doctor nor do they see a physical therapist. Instead, they will white-knuckle their pain which means they deal with it with no real treatment.

According to the Urgent Care Association of America, just about 3 million patients will visit an urgent care clinic every single week. There is an estimated number of 20,000 physicians currently practicing Urgent Care Medicine in modern-day America. Nearly 85% of all urgent care centers are open seven days a week.

In 2012, the most common diagnosis in an urgent care center was an upper respiratory condition, and the most common procedure was repairing a wound in that very same year. Four out of every five urgent care centers will provide some form of fracture care so they can help you with a serious injury which many people do not know.

Just about 70% of all United States citizens will suffer from dizziness at some point in their lives and as a matter of fact, dizziness is the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices. It has been estimated that nearly 65% of all people over the age of 60 will have to deal with dizziness and even a loss of balance on a near-daily basis. Reports estimate that 25,000 Americans will have to deal with an ankle sprain each day and 80% of all ankle injuries happen because of inward rolling of the ankle.

In Conclusion

Every single year many Americans will visit urgent care clinics, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people that do not understand how much these clinics can help them. They will come in and quickly help you get better without question.

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