Can A CPAP Mask Help Me Sleep Better At Night?

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Not being able to get the full night’s sleep you need can be one of the most hopeless feelings in the world. How can you attend to your family’s needs or complete your work if you don’t have enough energy? Sleep disorders are rampant among American adults and a common source of frustration brought to the table of many a counselor, sleep aid and doctor. Although the cause of sleep woes vary from individual to individual, CPAP machines are a tool proven to work. Short for ‘continuous positive airway pressure’, these come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to provide relief to people who just want a good night’s sleep.

Sleep disorders are a subtle, yet highly debilitating condition that can erupt almost overnight and last for years. These are defined by a distinctive lack of sleep on a continuous basis, with side-effects ranging from a lack of concentration to a compromised immune system. Insomnia is characterized by having difficulty either falling or staying asleep, while sleep apnea is known for ‘apneas’ (or interruptions) that prevent restful sleep. Determining which sleep disorder you have requires a visit to a sleep aid professional or your regular doctor.

Sleep apnea is a condition affecting over 18 million Americans as we know it. It’s thought up to 4% of these cases are undiagnosed, making that thousands of people suffering day in and day out without even realizing. While short-term side-effects can make working and socializing difficult, there are more deadly consequences for not getting enough sleep. Untreated sleep apnea sufferers are up to three times as likely to develop heart disease. People with sleep apnea also have a risk of stroke up to four times higher than those with better sleeping patterns.

There are other discernible patterns inherent in sleep apnea cases. Sleep apnea has been found to be twice as common in men as it is in women. Asthma patients also face a 40% greater risk for sleep apnea than those without — this is likely do to asthma restricting the windpipes and making steady breathing more difficult, contributing to the debilitating and constant ‘apneas’ that impact restful sleep. A sufferer of more severe and obstructive sleep apnea may experience up to 60 apneas per hour.

An auto CPAP machine is a tool often prescribed to those with moderate to severe sleep apnea. It opens up an individual’s nasal passages and allows them to breathe more fully, discouraging the characteristic interruptions inherent in the disorder. Because nobody leads the same lifestyle these can take on different forms, such as a bipap mask or CPAP mask pillow. Discount CPAP mask parts can be found at various health suppliers to help you maintain your nightly therapy.

Even the most affordable discount CPAP mask parts won’t do much unless you commit to using your resources to the fullest of their ability. Recent studies have shown nearly half of all people prescribed a CPAP machine will stop using them within one to three weeks. For the best possible results (as well as continued insurance coverage), it’s recommended by most sleep professionals patients use a CPAP 70% of the time. When it comes to preferences, nasal pillows and CPAP masks are both split down the middle. Discount CPAP mask parts can include straps and face cushions.

Patients who are over 60 years old are five times as likely as their younger counterparts to require additional heated humidification for their CPAP machine. Keep this in mind when seeking out discount CPAP mask parts, as some may be more readily available than others. Sleep apnea and insomnia are not conditions you have to live with. Therapy, affordable manual CPAP machines and lifestyle changes can all work together to help you achieve the recommended seven to eight hours. Visit a sleep center and have yourself professionally diagnosed so you can finally start receiving the tools you need to feel your best once more.

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