Everything You Need to Know About Hair Replacement

Hair transplant surgery

By the time they turn 50, 85% of men have experienced significant thinning of their hair. There are currently 35 million men in the United States who have hair loss. This is one reason why the hair transplant clinic is necessary. Whether you currently have hair loss or not, read on to learn all about hair loss, why it happens, and what a hair transplant clinic does.

Understanding Hair Loss

Nearly all hair goes through the same process before it falls out. Every strand grows for somewhere between two and six years. It then goes into a resting phase for a few months, after which it falls out. This normal process speeds up when balding takes place, and hairs fall out faster than they can be replaced. Most of the baldness that happens in men is from male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia.

What Can a Hair Transplant Clinic Do?

There are several kinds of treatment available, and a hair transplant clinic can offer a wide variety of options. One option is the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE transplant. Here grafts of one to four hairs are removed from the scalp using a tiny punch, then reapplied to balding areas. Fullicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) removes a larger strip of the scalp using a surgical procedure and places it in the balding area of the head. Scalp micropigmentation is another viable option for many people, mimicking hair well enough to fill in balding areas or give the appearance of a closely shaven head.

Which Type of Hair Transplant Clinic Procedure is Best

Different things are more appropriate for different people. A hair loss specialist at a hair transplant clinic can give any person more specific advice. In general, micropigmentation is successful where someone needs thinned patches filled out, or for scar revision. FUSS is typically far more invasive and complicated than FUE procedures and takes more time for recovery. FUE is most expensive, but does work well, has few complications, and allows a patient to wear their hair short in the future. An FUE procedure typically takes eight hours.

There are many types of hair loss treatment available, and many professionals working in hair transplant clinics around the country that know how to treat hair loss. If you are unhappy with your hair and its look, or if you’re interested in hair restoration or hair replacement, look for a hair transplant clinic near you that can explain to you all the great options available to you.

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