Falls The Elderly as At-Risk

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An elderly person. They have a difficult life. There are failing organs, which require surgery or replacement. There are failing body parts, like feet or hands or legs or arms. There are issues with mobility, with balance, with walking, with running, with moving. There are many issues with elderly people.

An elderly person will struggle with many of these things. They may have a limited amount of movement, which forces them to stay in the house. They may have failing organs, which puts them on a special diet. There are many issues involved in this. There are some statistics associated with this. They are:

  • 53 million Americans live with a disability.
  • 6.8 million Americans use assistive devices to aid their mobility.
  • Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall.
  • Over 50% of all falls take place at home.
  • Every year, two million seniors visit the emergency room for injuries caused by a fall.
  • 90% of people over the age of 65 want to live in their home as long as they can.
  • By 2030, older adults will account for roughly 20% of the population.
  • Each year, nearly 235,000 people experience injuries in the bathroom.
  • 48% of homeowners over age 55 say the bathroom is the top area in the home that they have considered modifying for aging in place.
  • Home service professionals say the top aging-in-place projects they?ve been hired to do include installing grab bars (71%) and adding entryway wheelchair ramps (54%).

Older Americans need mobility devices to help them get around. They need scooters and canes and wheelchairs with handicap ramps. They need many things to enable them to get around with an ease that they wouldn’t have if they were forced to rely on their own legs and feet and hands.

Older Americans have a danger too when it comes to falls. Older Americans have the possibility of hurting themselves badly in a fall, moreso on average than the average American. Older Americans have failing muscles and brittle bones. When they take a fall, it hurts dramatically and can cause them to be treated in an emergency room.

This can cause worry among many individuals in a family of someone who is elderly. There is an issue with a fall, a possible situation that could develop that could harm the elderly person’s muscles and bones, that could break them apart. The elderly person might need to go to the hospital, to the ER, or even worse: They could die.

There are many available options for an elderly person or their family who is looking to get an emergency assisting device. In fact, there are some many options that they will be included in the two following paragraphs as a list for all the different options a person has to help with their mobility.

They are lift sling for elderly, lifts for power wheelchairs, medical lift chair, medical lift recliners, medical ramp, mobility ramps, mobility scooter, modular wheelchair ramp, outdoor handicap ramps, outdoor models, outdoor stair lift, outdoor stair lifts for seniors, outdoor wheelchair access, outdoor wheelchair lifts, and more.

They are platform lifts for homes, portable handicap ramps, portable patient lifts, power chair ramps, power lift chairs, power wheelchair ramps, powerchair lifts, quality outdoor stairlift, residential wheelchair ramp code, residential wooden stairlifts, safe stairlift, scooter lift for truck. scooter lifts for SUVs, and more.

For buildings that need equipment to help with mobility issues, there are some options to consider. There are outdoor handicap ramps for instances that help for people who are in wheelchairs or people who have trouble getting up stairs. Outdoor handicap ramps are useful for buildings who need to become handicap friendly.

Outdoor handicap ramps are also possible in homes, where a person needs a ramp to get up the stairs or another issue. The outdoor handicap ramps are good for people who need to get a up a certain amount of height in order to enter a building or something else. There are many reasons for this.

A person who needs a handicap ramp may have struggles with mobility and other factors. They may have weakening knees and weakening bones, which make them struggle with walking up stairs or lifting their legs. There are many helpful ways to prevent this or help this get better, with one of them being the outdoor handicap ramps.

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