How to Avoid Pain in These 3 Areas While on a Bike

Comfortable bike seats

Many people throughout the world enjoy riding a bicycle. In fact, statistics gathered from 2015 found that nearly $1.2 billion worth of bicycles were sold throughout the year. In addition, these sales figures only account for used bicycles. Therefore, you can see that many people are willing to spend money in order to ride a bicycle. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that riding your bicycle is a comfortable experience. Statistics gathered from a study conducted by the British Medical Association found that people cycling 20 miles per week enjoy a 50% reduction in obtaining heart disease when compared to those that don’t ride a bicycle. Considering that, here are three common types of pain that you might encounter while riding a bicycle and how to avoid them.

  1. Pain in the Perineal Area

    Riding a bike means having to sit for long amounts of time. Unfortunately, bicycles that aren’t equipped properly could leave their riders dealing with a lot of pain. You’ll find that pain the perineal area is especially common among bike riders. That being said, it’s wise to look into the benefits of having a comfortable bike seat especially while dealing with perineal pain. Luckily, there are many types of comfortable bike seats available that are made for all types of riders. Many bicyclists are amazed at much more their respective bikes become after placing on a more comfortable bike seat.
  2. Neck Issues

    If you’re experiencing neck pain while riding a bike, it’s likely due to your posture. When strain is placed on the neck, it creates tension which leads to experiencing feelings of pain in this area. Considering that, you’ll want to try changing your posture to one that places less strain on your neck muscles. With that in mind, try to ensure that you are riding without having your neck protrude too far forward. If you feel your head leaning forward, simply tuck your chin in slightly.
  3. Pain Throughout Your Knees

    Statistics show that states across the U.S. have noticed a 46% increase in the number of people who utilize a bicycle for commuting purposes since the year 2005. Unfortunately, many of these new riders might experience pain in their knees for their first few rides. Many who are new to riding a bicycle for long distances will experience pain in the sides of their knees. It’s important not to be alarm when experiencing this as it is incredibly common for new riders. Many people find they’re dealing with knee pain because their bike seats are too low or high. In addition, you might consider checking out more comfortable bike seats. These seats can help ensure you are riding at a comfortable height which helps to relieve knee pain.

To summarize, there are several common types of pain that you can encounter through riding a bike that isn’t fitted properly to your body. Many new riders report experiencing pain in the perineal area. Considering that, you’ll find that it’s a wise decision to look at more comfortable bike seats than what you’re currently utilizing. It’s incredibly common for people riding their bikes to experience bouts of neck pain. Many riders find that taking a few minutes to properly adjust their bicycle helps to reduce pain while riding. To be specific, ensure that you aren’t placing your head too far forward while riding a bike. This places immense strain on the neck area which causes bouts of pain to occur. Lastly, bicyclists can sometimes experience pain throughout their knees. You’ll often find that adjust the height of your bike seat can greatly help alleviate this pain.

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