Getting the Right Shaving Kit

Men’s fashion and grooming today is a big market worldwide, bigger than some might realize. Around the world, men want to look their best, and personal grooming is a major component of looking great. Hair gel is just the start; old fashioned shaving razors and shaving cream, mens after shave lotion, mens deodorant, mens shampoo, and much more are out there for the modern man, and any brick and mortar store or online catalog will have anything for any desired look. Beards can easily be trimmed and styled or shaved off cleanly, and there are even supplies for shaving one’s head for a sleek, bald look if desired. Mens after shave lotion and much more are ready for today’s grooming work.

The Size of the Business

Around the glove, the male grooming market is expected to keep growing between the years 2012 and 2024, and at the end of that time span, it may reach an estimated $29.14 billion (USD). By 2022 in particular, it has been estimated that the mens personal care market worldwide may earn $166 billion.

A survey done by Statista showed that 18% of respondents use beard care products daily, and toady, around 39% of men have facial hair, which is in fact an increase of 15% from five years ago. Now, among all age groups of American men, the percentage of those who do not shave at all has reached 20%. Still, many other products sell well, and they are often sold at physical, brick and mortar stores as opposed to online, with 80% of mens shaving kits and other supplies being purchased in person. Mens after shave lotion, razors, and mens deodorant, among other products, are selling well. How and why should they be used?

The Right Grooming Job

Mens shampoo can rejuvenate a man’s hair and scalp, clearing out dirt and oils and dead skin flakes from the day’s work and adding a fresh, masculine scent to the clean hair afterwards. Body powder for men, meanwhile, works well to trap the moisture on the skin that normally harbors bacteria that cause body odor, so these body powders work well to prevent odor from forming. Such powder has been used since the days of the Roman Empire, but older powders may form unpleasant pastes on the body over time, or might even contain toxic elements in them. Today’s powders, however, are both safe and effective.

Shaving can be done with an electric razor, but a closer, more personal shave is possible with a proper shaving kit. To start with, the man should wash his face with warm water and apply a pre shave oil to help prevent razor burn. Then, the shaving cream is applied, all the way from the temples and across the chin, and the upper neck too if necessary. At this point, the man might even use a small horse-hair brush in a swirling pattern across his stubble to get the whiskers to stand upright and in the same direction, making them easier to cut with the razor.

Now, the man gently presses his razor to his temples and guides it in a smooth, steady strike downwards, allowing the razor to accumulate whiskers as it goes. After every stroke, the man should clear out the razor with warm water so hairs do not clog it. Once the shaving is done and the cream is gone, mens after shave lotion should be applied to further prevent razor burn as well as give him a fresh, clean smell for the rest of the day. Such supplies can also be used at a barber shop, a traditional place for men to gather and casually chat and get a professional quality shave. It is an old tradition that can still find many fans today.

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