Some Benefits of An In Vitro Fertilization Clinic

“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.” This well-known quotation about having a baby captures the paradoxical nature of parenthood. The joys and the challenges are all there in this one quote!

But what about those who are experiencing difficulty becoming parents? Where do they turn? Fertility is an area of huge interest to patients, and those who are wondering about how to become parents would want to explore all avenues with their health professionals. And they should. The statistics show that age is a critical factor in having a child, with the ages 20-24 being the time when women, in general are most fertile. By the time they reach the age of 40 later on in life, only 40% of women, 2 in 5, will be able to have a baby if they want to.

Many couples seek professional help for fertility issues. In fact, 65% of women who have received medical help will end up giving birth; however, it is reported that of the women with infertility issues, only 44% seek medical treatment. And even with a normally functioning reproductive system, the chances are only 20-25% that a couple aged 29 to 33 will conceive a baby.

One viable option for a woman to conceive may be found in an in vitro fertilization clinic. An in vitro fertilization procedure, which is also referred to as an ivf procedure, is conducted on site at an in vitro fertilization clinic. Very briefly, the woman’s mature eggs are collected and fertilized during the ivf procedure. The ivf success rates are considerable and many have become parents through this process.

When considering an in vitro fertilization clinic, there are some pertinent questions that will need answers. Inquiring about the entire ivf procedure, timeline and of course the ivf price are all areas to be sure and cover clearly so there are no questions or surprises down the line.

A center for reproductive medicine is especially pertinent to women, because the areas of women’s health and women’s health care are extremely specialized. To begin, the concept of women’s health is a holistic health approach. It is one which approaches treatment of an individual as a whole, entire entity, where every system is interconnected.

It is of vital importance, then that each woman has a special connection to her gynecologist, and finds an in vitro fertilization clinic where she feels comfortable, cared for and completely understood.

An approach like this means equal consideration is given to the mind and to the body. This results in the formation of an understanding of the mind-body relationship and its far-reaching influence on a woman’s overall health. The physical, spiritual, mental and emotional facets of each individual are treated.

So, when you or someone you care for is wondering about reproductive issues, a visit to an in vitro fertilization clinic may be an excellent first step toward parenthood. When it comes to the in area of reproduction and babies, the process of in vitro fertilization presents an option for those who have a strong desire to be parents. This is where that dream might become a reality, filling their world with smiles. And as Shinichi Suzuki observed: “Children learn to smile from their parents.” What a wonderful legacy.

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