Here are 3 Pieces of Gear Everyone Needs for Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a sport that many find popular. This is a sport where participants attempt to lift a certain amount of weight, usually a very large amount of weight, in either a squat, a bench press, or a deadlift (with deadlift perhaps being the best known as it’s shown a lot during the Olympic games). There are a lot of powerlifting accessories associated with the sport, and certain pieces of equipment are absolutely essential for engaging in the sport safely. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of what those essential pieces of equipment are.

  • Lever Belts: One piece of equipment that is vital for engaging in powerlifting safely is a lever belt. Lever belts are wide belts that are wrapped around the upper waist and are meant to support the body’s core and prevent potentially devastating injuries from occurring during the lift. If you watch powerlifting on television, you’ll see all of the participants wearing some version of a lever belt.
  • Wrist Wraps: Another piece of equipment that is necessary for powerlifting is wrist wraps. Just as the name implies, these are wraps that are placed tightly around the wrist, to brace it during the lifting process. Without a wrist wrap in place, there is a chance the wrist will buckle under the strain of holding up the extreme weight and fracture. Wrist wraps are intended to prevent this potentially catastrophic injury from happening.
  • Gloves: Compared to other pieces of powerlifting equipment, gloves might not seem as necessary, but they absolutely are. Wearing gloves during powerlifting can improve the athlete’s grip and provide additional support. Also, it keeps a layer of material between your skin and the metal of the bar. Given the strain that can be involved in lifting these weights, it’s possible for a great amount of friction to be generated, which could cause extreme pain to the hands if gloves are not present. This is why it’s important to wear gloves during powerlifting.

In conclusion, there are several pieces of equipment that should be included whenever anyone engages in powerlifting. These include lever belts, which can protect the core during weightlifting, wrist wraps, which protect the wrists, and gloves, which improve grip and help protect the hands. All of these accessories work together to help keep the body safe while engaging in the sport of powerlifting.

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