The Case For The Urgent Care Center In The United States

If you’re looking to get medical attention for a wide array of medical concerns, consider your local urgent care center. After all, seeking medical attention – and medical treatment – at an urgent care clinic has become more popular than ever before, with more than three million people visiting such urgent care centers week in and week out. It’s even been estimated that more than one quarter of the total population of this country has visited at least one urgent care location over the course of the past two or so years.

If you’ve never before received medical attention at a walk in clinic, rest assured that the standard of care will be quite high quality indeed. After all, walk in clinics and urgent care locations now employ as many as 20,000 doctors and medical professionals all throughout the country. This number is certainly likely to grow in the years that are ahead of us as well. For many people, the medical attention is of high caliber – and is just as good, if not better, than going to an emergency room or even to a GP.

For one thing, you can get your injuries treated with relative ease at a local urgent care clinic. Ankle sprains, of which there will be well over 25,000 over the course of just one single day, can easily be assessed and given medical attention in the typical urgent care or walk in clinic setting. And even more serious and extensive medical treatments are most likely going to be able to be provided, with more than three quarters (around 80%, to be just a bit more exact) of all urgent care locations able to provide treatments for fractures in the majority of cases that they see related to the fracturing of a bone.

Common illnesses can also be treated. Infections like urinary tract infections, of which there are more than eight million diagnosed over the course of just one year and just in the United States alone, and ear infections, seen quite commonly in children, can be gotten rid of through a simple course of antibiotics in the vast majority of cases. On top of this, illnesses like the flu can also be diagnosed and sometimes even provided with an anti viral treatment that will lessen the severity and drastically decreases the chances of life threatening complications.

Many an urgent care center will even provide medical attention in the form of medical prevention, offering a flu shot before the start of each flu season. As some flu seasons (those that are particularly nasty) have been known to infect up to one fifth of the population of the United States (and no less than 5% of it at the most mild of all outcomes), getting a flu shot can be a matter of great importance indeed. Far too many people think of the flu as nothing more serious than the common cold (of which there are up to one billion cases of in this one country alone over the course of just one year) but that is actually quite far from the case.

While the flu can certainly be mild, it can also be much more severe, requiring more intensive medical attention and even sometimes leading to hospitalization and even death. For at risk populations, the flu is particularly dangerous and even deadly. Therefore, it is important for each and every one of us to get our flu shots, not only to protect our own bodies (as even young and health adults can die of the flu, provided the right set of circumstances) but to protect those who are not able to get the flu vaccine for whatever reason, from age to living with an already compromised immune system that prohibits regular vaccination against such illnesses. Fortunately, getting your flu shot from your local urgent care center is an easy thing indeed, and one that will cost just about nothing in time and money alike – especially for those with health insurance plans that are more likely than not going to cover the flu shot.

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