How to Actually Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone wants to have perfect white teeth like our favorite celebrities. However, most Americans have slightly yellow teeth. This can be due to many reasons, ranging from poor dental hygiene to naturally yellow teeth. In this video, you will learn three ways to whiten your teeth.

Teeth can become yellow when they are stained from food and drink such as wine and cofee. The first way to whiten your teeth is to use whitening toothpaste.

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This toothpaste is heavy with abrasives that remove stains from your teeth while brushing. However, whitening toothpaste doesn’t actually make your teeth any whiter.

The next option actually changes the natural color of your teeth to become more white. This option is using a whitening material that contain peroxide. For this teeth whitening procedure, you can visit your dentist where they will apply whitening material. This will take several visits. Finally, the third option is using whitening strips at home. As long as your teeth are healthy, this option may whiten your teeth over time. If your teeth are yellow due to poor hygiene, you will need to fix this issue first. Dentists recommending brushing twice a day as well as flossing.


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