The Benefits of Visiting 24 Hour Urgent Care Over the ER for Walk In Treatment

With all injuries or illnesses that can happen at any time, a walk in treatment center may be helpful. Some of these include urgent care, 24 hour walk in clinics, emergency rooms, and others. With about 110 million ER visits annually, it helps to have some of those patients make their way to urgent clinics for walk in treatment as often as possible. Given the fact that urgent care clinics provide a much shorter wait than the ER, you will find faster treatment of some sort.

The Need for Urgent Care Clinics at All Hours

The ER and urgent care are similar, but urgent care centers are helpful with convenience and faster treatment. When injuries need on-demand care, urgent care doctors and nurses provide patients immediate walk in treatment. This is much faster than the ER, and there is likely urgent care just around the corner from your home. Urgent care is open 24 hours a day, taking walk-in urgent care patients at any time. Sometimes there is also access to online doctors when contacting 24 hour urgent care from the internet.

When To Visit Urgent Care

The virtual doctor is often available from the 24 hour urgent care clinic or the walk in clinic. You may have trouble leaving your home when facing an illness or injury, and the online doctors and virtual doctors of these locations is most helpful. They are most helpful with the ability to provide a referral to a specialist as needed or even a prescription if you need it. Urgent care also has a testing lab, helping to stabilize these injuries in case they need further treatment. Illnesses like a heavy cough, chest congestion, ear infection, sinus infection, colds, flu, or others may just need a prescription, and urgent care is able to help. With experienced medical professionals at urgent care, you can get prescriptions immediately without having to wait for hours at the ER to even be seen.

Added Treatment Includes Rehabilitation

Considering the staggering rates across the country for heroin use and opioid addiction, there is a great value to the detox process offered at urgent care. While long-term rehabilitation facilities can be hard to find, urgent care can help. It is also important to remember that drug overdose death rates rise regularly, and access to a facility that offers fast detox while helping to start the rehab process. Another rehabilitation treatment that is often needed and also often overlooked is alcoholism. Including legal alcohol and its common use, it is also important to remember that with even the single drink taken in this frequently there is the possibility of becoming addicted to alcohol. This is where caution should begin, especially since most often it takes about eight years before the signs of alcoholism rise to the surface, leading the individual to treatment.

24 Hour Walk In Clinics and Additional Treatments

Urgent care clinics are helpful when it is difficult to reach your general care physician. While many primary care physicians work late hours or weekends, it may be hard to get into an appointment when your doctor is available. It is easy to assume that conditions like insomnia and ADHD, ADD, hormone loss, pain and more need to be put to the back of the line at your primary care physician or on the waitlist at a different treatment facility. However, if immediate care is needed the urgent care center has a number of doctors who are able to provide prescriptions, treatment and referrals to the proper specialist if need be.

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