Three Keys to Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

There are more people that suffer from hair loss than you would imagine. As a result, a market has grown to help people with hair restoration. This can be done by hair replacement, hair transplant surgery, and more. Luckily, this is a safe process that can help people learn how to recover from hair loss. So here are three key facts on hair restoration and more:

Hair Loss Is Very Common

Male pattern baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, comprises nearly 95% of all hair loss amongst men. As a result, there are so many men dealing with something that is out of their control. This can make men feel helpless and alone with their hair loss situation but they should not feel this way at all. Especially with all of the safe hair restoration for all of the men dealing with male pattern baldness.

A study has revealed that 65% of American men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. This is stunning and should point to just how serious hair restoration should be taken by men. Furthermore, 85% of all men have thinning hair by the age of 50 as well. As a result, men across the country should take note and should feel encouraged to seek out safe hair restoration options!

Hair Restoration Is Safe

In Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, also known as FUSS, a strip of scalp from a non-balding area is surgically removed, and placed in incisions in balding area. This is an invasive surgery and it is why most people fear to restore their hair through surgery. However, recent developments in science and technology have created much safer hair restoration options.

Follicular unit extraction or FUE, also known as a follicular transfer or FT, is one of the primary methods of obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. However, FUE can have natural groupings as much as 7 or 8 in a single graft. Many hair loss experts recommend this process to someone that values safety and convenience.

After an FUE hair transplant, the grafts will become much better within five days. So in less than a week, men can go back to feeling great about their bodies and their hair specifically. Plus, this procedure will only take about eight hours to go through for people who are interested. So do not feel as though you cannot access any safe hair restoration options today!

Hair Restoration Is Smart

Recent data suggests that 50% of a full head of hair will be gone before a man can even notice it. Therefore, men should not hesitate to see a hair specialist near them for extra help. The process of balding can easily sneak up on people and their hair is gone before they can even react. Do not let your hair get that bad, take care of yourself as soon as possible.

A strand of hair grows for anywhere between two to six years. Then, the hair is going to enter a resting phase for a couple of months. Afterward, the hair falls out and is gone from the scalp. This is the process of balding and it is hard to even recognize unless you wake up with clumps of hair. Reach out to hair specialists for recommendations on hair restoration and more.

In Conclusion

Every single year technology continues to evolve and develop. As a result, scientists and doctors are creating new ways of thinking and new approaches to fixing problems. So while people in the past struggled with hair loss late in life, now that is no longer a problem. Instead, anyone that notices themselves balding can get help from a safe and simple hair restoration. There are no scars involved and men can then enjoy a better-looking head of hair!

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