Is it Possible to Do a Home Detox?

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When someone close to you has an alcohol or drug problem it can be very difficult. Perhaps that person is even you yourself. Getting help can be frightening and expensive, but it’s also dangerous to detox on your own without the proper knowledge of how to safely do it. If you are planning a home detox it’s crucial that you understand the proper things to consider along the way.

You might need to reach out to a family practice physician for a home detox. If they determine that this is a safe option for you they can be a point of reference along the way. You may or may not already know that the process of detoxing can be uncomfortable or even painful. But detoxing from drugs is the first step that needs to take place before any sort of treatment or rehab can commence.

It’s important to know that when you detox by yourself your rates of relapsing are much higher, up to 95 percent. Those are not great odds. You might find that you’ll have to seek out some emotional support in addition to getting the proper medical care if necessary. This is particularly true with alcohol, which is the number one drug problem. It’s considered safe in small doses which can normalize and make people unsure about where their boundaries are or even if unsure if they have an issue at all.

Alcohol and other drug addictions are a circular issue. Some people end up using to deal with anxiety and sleep issues, but getting addicted to any substance is just more likely to increase those problems in the day to day life. The only way to properly address those issues and challenges is to be sober enough to have a clear mind about facing them.

For some people, a reasonable alternative to alcohol is medical marijuana. A medical marijuana card is not difficult to come by if you are suffering from anxiety or other mood disorders. In this case, we are talking about legal medical marijuana which is generally considered to be much safer than other treatment options. it is even used for things like insomnia.

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