What is a Pelvic Floor Doctor?

A visit to a pelvic floor doctor may seem daunting, but it is very common. If you are experiencing urinary, bowel, sexual dysfunction, or pelvic pain, a pelvic floor doctor can help you. Keep reading to learn what a pelvic floor doctor does and what you can expect at your first appointment.

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The first thing to know is you are not alone. The symptoms you are experiencing are personal but also very common. The doctors have heard and seen it all before and know how hard it is to walk through the door for the first time.

To start out your appointment, you will remain fully clothed and have a conversation with your pelvic floor doctor. They will want to know what bothers you the most, what your symptoms are, or if you have any questions. The doctor will need all of this information before the physical exam.

It’s not just pelvic floor muscles involved in urinary, bowel, and sexual symptoms, but most of the muscles and tissues from your ribs to your knees. During the physical exam, the doctor will touch your muscles, tissues, and nerves to see what is reactive and functional.

To learn more, watch the video above!


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